Pandemic Price Decrease

Rand Associates LLC decreased our pricing structure down 30% during the pandemic. We have also implemented new delivery strategies to be more efficient for our restaurant industry. The new SOPs and technology have helped us cut cost and be more schedule available for our clients.

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Class & Exams Rates

  • Course and Exam $130.00

    A one-day course including live instruction with certified instructor and proctoring of certification exam digitally the same day.

  • Exam & Proctor Fee $80.00

    Registered proctor delivering exam only without course instruction.

Corporate & Group Rates

  • Group Rate $110.00

    A grouped class delivered the same time -same location of 6 or more participants.

  • Corporate Clients $100.00

    Companies with contract for a dedicated number of employees for the calendar year.

  • CEU Credit Hours $99.00

    The class only for hours documented with the association or licensing board requiring the continue education hours. This is equal to 6 hours of instruction.